What weapon do you choose and why?

What weapon do you choose and why?

What weapon do you choose and why?

So let us start this out and say, our staff all hunt with various different weapons.  Most of the staff are avid bow hunters and choose to hunt the entire season with a bow.  We have some that use rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, or crossbows; and yes we will give them hard time, but in this is good fun with a group of Brothers.

The outdoor industry, has a tendency to set a high bar and suggest that hunting with a bow is the only way to enjoy hunting.   We all agree here, that our group is passionate about hunting with archery equipment.  We also all agree that hunting during gun season is just as important, this is the way that most of us got our start in the hunting heritage.

My first gun was a single shot .410, which my Granddaddy and Dad found and purchased for me.  The little gun was a project gun as the barrel needed to be re-blued.   I can remember sitting with Dad as we tore down the gun and striped off the finish from the barrel.

The first hunt with the gun was a disappointment as I got rabbit fever.  I don’t mean actual sickness, but the inability to actually be able to pull the trigger on my first cottontail rabbit.  Man what I’d do to have that little shotgun again.   To pass on the heritage to my daughters, with the gun that I started out hunting rabbits alongside my Dad.

As I progressed in my hunting abilities and outgrew that little gun, I’ve purchased other guns throughout the years and most of them I still own.   The most prized possession is a cheap single shot 20 gauge that was my Granddaddy’s gun.  He traded me the 20 gauge single shot for the .410, which now sits proudly in a case beside pump shotguns, semi auto shotguns, with various stocks from synthetic to wood.

I started bow hunting with some of my friends when I was a teenager and my first bow was a hand me down from a family friend.  I dedicated many years too solely hunting with archery equipment and admit that I would bash the gun seasons as I would get aggravated that other hunters would punch a tag on an animal that would be 50 plus yards away.

Fast forward to September 2001, the month and year my first daughter was born.  God humbled me as I as took on the role of a Father/Daddy, also my career was fast paced and ever changing at what seemed like the speed of light.  My time seemed to run short on being able to scout, and do the necessary things to be a successful bow hunter.  I complained about the upcoming gun season, and how it was going to mess up the property that I hunted.  My wife, whom is one of the smartest women I know, suggested that I take out my trusty ol’ 30.06 rifle.  I reluctantly agreed, and found myself opening day sitting on a powerline crossing that morning.  I killed two coyotes with a single shot at about 50 yards that morning.  I went home for some lunch and quick cat nap to recharge the batteries.  Later that afternoon I was sitting on the same powerline as I watched a doe come into the crossing.   I can still remember my heart racing as I brought the gun up and lined up the crosshairs….then with the squeeze of the trigger I watched as the doe dropped in her tracks.   I let out a yell and rushed to get my truck and drive down to retrieve my deer, even at 80 yards I was still able to feel that rush as I did with close range bow shots.

In short I choose to hunt with any weapon that is legal for game I’m chasing.  I’ll continue to hunt with a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader during gun season, and enjoy it as well as my time afield with my bow.



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